Eatery Essentials is the U.S. subsidiary of Vigour Pak, a state-of-the art manufacturer of paper and plastic cups and containers in Taiwan. As the exclusive North American sales and marketing arm for Vigour Pak, Eatery Essentials is focused on providing high quality, competitively priced paper and plastic foodservice disposables to the following segments: Foodservice, Food Processors, Supermarkets and C-Stores.

Vigour Pak’s humble beginnings began in 2002 in Taichung, Taiwan converting paper cups with just 40 employees. Today, Vigour Pak’s paper manufacturing facility is a 500K square foot state-of-the art facility utilizing 34 German-made fully integrated and automated paper cup/container forming and packing lines . We manufacture Paper Drink Cups (single wall paper hot cups, paper cold cups and double wall paper hot cups) and Paper Food Containers (frozen yogurt containers and paper food containers).

Just next door, Vigour’s plastic operation is nearly 300K square feet in size and boasts 18 German-made thermoformers which produce Plastic Drink Cups (PET clear cold cups), Plastic Two-Piece Food Containers (PET salad bowls, PET square and round deli containers, PET cake and pie containers and tamper evident PET deli containers), Plastic Hinged Lid Containers (RPET hinged lid deli containers). We also plan on introducing several new product lines in 2016, including: PP Round Deli Containers, RPET Tamper Evident Rectangular Containers, PP and PET Soufflé Portion Cups and PP Drink Cups.

Vigour also extrudes their own roll stock for all their thermoforming. The substrates they extrude and thermoform include: PLA, PET, RPET, PP and PS.

We will begin rolling out a line of Sustainable Cups and Containers in 2016 that will eventually include: RPET drink cups, RPET food containers, PLA drink cups, PLA portion cups, PLA deli containers and PLA coated paper cups and containers.

In order to be a better “one stop shop” option for our customers, we also offer a line of Accessories which include plastic cutlery, straws/stirrers, gloves, napkins and other sourced items.

We offer a variety of supply chain solutions to suit every customer need and preference from direct containers from our overseas factories to full and less-than-truckload options from our West Coast and East Coast U.S. distribution centers.

While we will initially import products from our parent companies state-of-the art manufacturing plants in Taiwan, we also intend to begin manufacturing certain foodservice disposable items in regional manufacturing facilities across the U.S. as our volume justifies us doing so. Your support will help us re-shore manufacturing and good paying manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.A.