PET Clear Cold Cups

Suitable for iced beverages, smoothies, frozen drinks, on-the-go snacks, parfaits and more

The glass-like clarity of Koda Cup branded PET cups allow the appeal of your food and drink to
shine through. Whether for iced beverages, smoothies, frozen drinks, on-the-go snacks or parfaits,
they give your product that high-end look and feel. Made of crack-resistant PET, these cups have
outstanding strength that is durable yet flexible. They are not susceptible to flavor or odor transfer
and have smooth rolled rims for safe and comfortable drinking. You can also create new food
combinations with our cup inserts.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent for restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, C-stores and sports venues
  • Available in sizes ranging from 7 – 32 oz.
  • 92mm lid fits 3 cup sizes (9S, 12T & 16T oz.)
  • 98mm lid fits 4 cup sizes (12/14, 16/18, 20 & 24 oz.)
  • A variety of snap-fit, leak resistant flat and dome lid options available
  • Large, flat and uninterrupted labeling space for branding
  • Custom printing available for up to 6-colors
  • 4 oz. cup insert fits multiple sizes: 92 mm fits 9S, 12T & 16T oz. cups
    98 mm fits 12/14, 16/18, 20 & 24 oz. cups

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