We have endeavored to offer products that are made from recycled content and plant-based materials. We are helping the environment by using post-consumer recycled PET (RPET) resin, and Bio-Plastics such as PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid) which is derived from corn starch, and PBS (Poly-Butylene Succinate).

earth friendly

As a company committed to improving our environmental footprint, we offer compostable and biodegradable products, these sustainable products have the advantages of a traditional plastic package with a reduced environmental impact.

In 2020, we are pleased to offer a new eco-friendly product line under our RETURN TO NATURE brand.

Our materials are U.S. FDA approved with food grade certification obtained from leading suppliers of integrated paper and forest products who conscientiously replenish, beautify and preserve their natural harvest sources for the health and welfare of future generations.

We will continue to look for innovative materials and ways to reduce our impact on the environment. These are small steps to a more sustainable future.

We are respecting and maintaining Earth-friendly environmental policies, delivering exceptional quality while having the smallest environmental impact. Our fundamental objectives are to supply quality to our customers, preserve the environment, and improve the overall quality of life. We create our products to reflect these values.